Heart Notes Sessions

Heart Notes Sessions

Heart Notes Sessions create a powerful catalyst for self-awareness and change. An invitation to dance to the music of your dreams, explore your creativity, soul wisdom and intuition for success and abundance. It is a balance of practical magic and manifestation, energy cycles and down-to-earth strategy to move you in the direction of your dreams.

Life happens so that sometimes you lose touch with who you are on the inside. Reconnect with your purpose and reinvent yourself to create your vision. Delve into the why of habits and patterns of behaviour from a fresh perspective to initiate powerful change and overcome blocks and resistance. It’s hard to step into your strengths and power when you don't have a map to follow, a structure in place, or even know what to put out into the world in the first place!

The right strategy brings focus and a clear path forwards. These insights free you to uncover your purpose and envision your future for sparkling success. Explore practical strategies and align with the deep, intuitive voice of your soul.

The first step in meeting with me on a deeper level is to schedule your Heart Notes Sessions.
Your private sessions will take place in-person (Sydney) or by Skype from all over the world.

$375 for 3 sessions

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