Perfumes, Body & Bath

Perfumes, Body & Bath

A range of beautiful natural hand-crafted, 100% pure oils, bath salts and space clearing sprays blended with herbs, essential oils, flower essences and energized with crystals, colour, sound. These beautiful sprays and oils help to release blocks, open your inner gifts and attract positive energy. Made with love with organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

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Venus Perfume

The goddess Venus was beautiful, independent, resourceful and passionate.Venus was the famous Roman ..


Solar Perfume

The Sun is the source of life and your Sun sign is your inner drive, motivation, individuality and v..


Luna Perfume

The Moon, Luna, is associated with your subconscious, emotions and instinct. The phases of the Moon ..


Lakshmi Perfume

Lakshmi is the beautiful Indian goddess of wealth and abundance. She provides happiness, success and..


Asana Perfume

Inspired by the practice of yoga, this perfume helps to tune into your body and centres your concent..


Minerva Bath Salts

Minerva was the Roman Goddess of wisdom, courage, creativity and strategic thinking, modelled after ..