Incense, Herbs & Resins

Incense, Herbs & Resins

Burning aromatic dried herbs and resins and smudging are ancient traditional ways of nourishing the spirit and invoking the sacred. For thousands of years, people from cultures all around the world have burned herbs, resins and aromatic bark and leaves during ceremonies and initiations and to create sacred space.

Incense, herbs and resins are burned to create the fragrant smoke to cleanse the energy of a space and people and to restore harmony and balance.

They are also part of powerful ceremonies and rituals to set intention and to honour the seasons and spirits of the land. The smoke communicates the intention and wishes to the gods. They can be used on their own or in blends to support special intentions.

The Indigo Devi incense blends have been hand-crafted and blended from organic and wild-harvested herbs and aromatic plants and resins. They retain the living energy of the plant and honour the spiritual tradition.

Safety Directions

Burn incense using a charcoaldisc. Use a heat-resistant bowl with a layer of sand or earth to absorb heat and embers.  Hold the charcoal disc with tongs to light. When alight sprinkle a small amount of incense over the disc to release the aroma. Ensure all embers are extinguished. Use in a well ventilated area.

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