About Indigo Devi

Ancient Wisdom for the Here and Now

Indigo Devi is a treasure trove of wonderful sacred and magical tools gathered from all over the world to support your journey of awakening and for use in your daily life and practice.

Indigo Devi connects you to the tradition of wise women healers and ancient sages to explore the sacred tools of crystals, aromatherapy, essential oils, potions, cycles of the Moon and seasons, the medicine wheel, space clearing and meditation practice, oracles, tarot, astrology, women’s mysteries and vibrational energy. It is a place to discover the wisdom of the heart and tune in to the knowledge of the traditions of the goddess energy. The heritage of ancient knowledge from many different cultures can show you how to live your life in the here and now with purpose and power.

Meet Indigo Alice

Alice has worked in the fast-paced world of book publishing and then went down a different path to explore the wisdom of ancient cultural traditions.

She has studied with many wise mentors and draws on her skills to support  your quest for self-awareness, empowerment and to uncover your unique gifts and talents so you can create your best life.

There is a way of getting beyond the 3-year plan to understand how the heart wants to blossom.

She lives in Sydney, Australia and works with people, in person, on Skype, with groups and through courses.

Alice uses valuable strategies and draws on experience from her formal studies:  Arts Degree (ANU), Diplomas Meditation and Meditation Teaching, Diploma and Certificate Astrology, Certificate Aromatherapy, Diploma Energetic Healing, Certificate Shamanic Studies, Crystal Therapy, Flower Essences, Soul Coaching®, Interior Alignment®, Intuitive Awareness, Professional Member TGA, and there’s more...