Welcome to the Indigo Devi Consultations.

Your sessions can take place in-person (Sydney) or by Skype.

If you have ever asked the question
What's my purpose?
How can I use my unique gifts and my special talents?
How can I connect with my creativity, vitality and direction?
Then you are looking for a life founded on purpose and passion.

I help you connect into the energies surrounding you to set a purposeful, new path and powerfully shift your life from where you are to where you want to be. You will identify your gifts and strengths, and open new healing pathways in your life. You will also:

  • Overcome confusion regarding where your life is going
  • Identify how to empower your new vision
  • Understand how to blend what you love with your life path

I help create possibilities to uncover your potential and purpose. I am practical and grounded and work with uncovering choice-centred, creative ideas. I inspire and empower you to release limiting beliefs and reconnect with your true potential, both personally and professionally.

I work with people who wish to embrace soul-centred positive growth and are here to shine in their personal and professional lives and I consult with businesses to expand and grow with focus and intention.

If you would like further information then email me at to discuss how to move forward. I would be honoured to work with you.

Astrology Soul Blueprint

Astrology is a tool for self-awareness and insight. A reading shows how to tap into the positive characteristics of the chart to uncover your unique talents and gifts. These sessions are an opportunity to look at your soul blueprint to uncover the needs, patterns and potential of the natal chart, as well as your current path. The reading is not about predictions, it is about how to work with your strengths to co-create your own life. It delves into where you’re at, where you want to go and what you need to uncover your passion and purpose.

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Moon Circles

Harness the cycles of the Moon to align with the flow of the natural rhythms of Nature to gain insight and guidance.  Moon Circles explores your personal Moon sign to walk in beauty with Luna wisdom. Learn how to set intentions by the phases of the Moon and the cycles of the seasons. You can live in harmony with the rhythms of the natural world and reclaim ancient Moon goddess practices to align yourself with life force energy.
Your success plan will involve a quiet place, a quiet mind and to be open to the Moon’s inner landscape and messages.

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Heart Notes Sessions

Heart Notes Sessions create a powerful catalyst for self-awareness and change. An invitation to dance to the music of your heart, explore your creativity, soul wisdom and intuition for success and abundance. It helps you to align with your gifts, how to manifest them, energy cycles and down-to-earth strategies to move you in the direction of your vision.
Life happens so that sometimes you lose touch with who you are on the inside. Reconnect with your purpose. Delve into the why of habits and patterns of behaviour from a fresh perspective to initiate powerful change and overcome blocks and resistance. Explore practical strategies and align with the deep, intuitive voice of your soul.
The Heart Notes Sessions draw on a range of astrology, intuitive tools, tarot and practical strategies.

The first step in meeting with me on a deeper level is to schedule your Heart Notes Sessions.
In-person (Sydney) or by Skype all over the world.

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$375 for 3 sessions


Learn the art of meditation to connect with the pure consciousness of your authentic centre within.
Explore how and why meditation is such a powerful antidote to the relentless stress and pressure of modern life.
Take the confusion out of learning to meditate.
Help to establish a regular, consistent practice which is where the real benefits of meditation unfold.
You will receive personalised instruction in the cultivation of your meditation practice, helping you get comfortable in your meditation ritual.
I will help you discover and nurture the same benefits of meditation that I have come to love.

I have been practising meditation for over 20 years. I also have a Certificate in Transformative Meditation and a Diploma of Meditation Teaching.

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Crystal Energy

Crystals and crystal grids can bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. They are natural energizers and can clear and transform energy.A crystal therapy session can introduce you to the beauty and healing power of crystals and also support you in manifesting your ideas and intentions.
Together with our physical body we also have a subtle energy body that consists of channels of energy. The chakras are the seven main energy centres of the body. They exchange energy with the outside world and when energy flows freely, we live in a state of balance in the mind, body and spirit. When the flow of energy through the chakras is blocked we can become out of balance and alignment. Each chakra enhances different qualities on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Crystal energy sessions clear any blockages in the chakras and ensures that the chakras are balanced and energized. Crystal therapy can also be used to release emotional blocks.

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Space Clearing

All spaces are vibrating with energy. Many cultures throughout the world perform sacred ceremonies to bring balance and harmony to their living and working spaces. Space Clearing clears negative energy from a home or business environment and re-energises the space with uplifting, light, creative, calming energy.
Every space is different so the energetic atmosphere created will be unique and will support what you want to create in the space.
Crystals and crystal grids are often incorporated into the space clearing ceremony.
The session can energise the atmosphere when you change homes and offices and shift stale, negative energy and blocks. These can originate in difficult situations, people or spaces and or linger from past negative energy. There is an infusion of fresh, inspiring, new energy and vitality.
The session can also support the process of selling a home or business or setting up a new venture to attract health and prosperity.
Space clearing itself draws on diverse, powerful energy clearing rituals and ancient traditions and techniques to bring peace and equilibrium to today’s homes and businesses. It is also used to create the divine purpose for the space and set the intention.

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