Kind Words

I had Heart Notes sessions with Alice, in person and on Skype. They were all fantastic. Alice is compassionate, wise and practical, and her wealth of knowledge and experience gave me insight into how I can align my life with my soul purpose. I would recommend all of Alice’s consultations to anyone searching for insightful and down-to- earth guidance. What a wise woman! Thanks from my heart.
 - Hannah

I gained so much clarity from my sessions. I think I realized things that I knew deep down but hadn’t had time to work on. The sessions were inspiring and practical. It was a very soul enriching experience and I am signed up for more.
 - Anne

I found Alice's reading of my chart to be unexpectedly really helpful to me in making some decisions in my life at a crucial time of transition.  Not only was Alice able to explain every little bit of the chart - a fascinating exercise in itself - she was able to put it all together to give me a coherent understanding of the underlying influences that characteristically affect me.  I had expected our session together to be interesting and fun, but it proved to be so much more.  I shall always be grateful for her gentle nudge in the right direction.
 - Tricia

My astrology session gave me the opportunity to see the ‘big picture’ and helped to put my decisions into a wider context. It gave me a time to reflect, instead of rushing, and provided some valuable insights that made the direction clearer.
 - Cassandra

My session helped me to discover how I could support my talents and how I could achieve my real potential. It was fascinating to look at things from the perspective of my strengths. I learned so much about myself.

- Nathalie